What Do Rupert Sheldrake, Julian Assange and the USA Have in Common?

From the transit charts below, we can see that their respective horoscopes all yield a Sun in Cancer.

When the Sun was opposed by transiting Pluto during 2011/12, Rupert Sheldrake was slandered, mocked and ridiculed for his research on controversial matters such as telepathy. The Guerilla Skepticism Group on Wikipedia seized control of his page — amongst others — and proceeded to decimate his reputation. See how the page morphed from this to what it is now. The Guerilla Skepticism Group on Wikipedia is totally abusive and acts under the guise of complete anonymity. According to Sheldrake: “The Guerrilla Skeptics have carried the crusading zeal of organized skepticism into the realm of Wikipedia, and use it as a soapbox to propagate their beliefs.” Meanwhile, the surreal vendetta against open science has elicited notable responses from concerned users. Rome Viharo has described the Guerilla skeptics’ Wikipedia strategy in an Internet article as well as his website: Wikipedia we have a problem. As such, he’s also been slandered, belittled and mocked by the same vitriolic group as evidenced by his RationalWiki biography page. Indeed, the Wikipedia astrology page is equally well guarded by the same Skeptical group and I, myself have experienced first hand their surreal bullying technique. For the record, the situation is well described in an article published on line by the Astrology News Service, an umbrella organisation regrouping various astrological societies.








Whistleblower Julian Assange has been persecuted for leaking documents exposing governments wrongdoings in Wikileaks, particularly the Baghdad Airstrike – Collateral Murder video provided by Chelsea Manning. Although Julian Assange received several awards during 2010 and 2011, his many victories were soon to be deflated as Pluto closed in on an opposition to his natal Sun — exact in 2013. Funding became increasingly difficult as Mastercard and Visa suspended donations during  2012-13. Assange was granted asylum by the Ecuadorian Government in August 2012 . He has lived inside the London Ecuadorian Embassy since then.

From these two examples, we can clearly see how Pluto’s transits act in a horoscope. Both Sheldrake and Assange have been persecuted for their views. In line with the nature of the opposition aspect, they have been confronted by powerful, and well organised groups against whom it seems there is little they can do to defend themselves. These groups act in a brutal, vicious and underhanded manner and will use every trick in the book to reach their goal which tends to confirm Pluto’s association with organised crime and underground organisations such as secret services and so on.









This brings us to the USA’s horoscope that are currently undergoing the same transit. In astrology, Pluto is known as a great balancer. While doubtlessly unpleasant, Sheldrake and Assange’s systematic persecution is also spreading their views far and large as well as gaining them a lot of sympathy around the world.  As it seems the US Government is the chief persecutor and the top liar in the World today, we can expect a massive backlash against this country during 2014-15. Indeed, this has already started, as evidenced by the rapid movement away from the US dollar as well as numerous campaigns exposing the utter corruption of its governing methods. For the record, let’s recall the NSA scandal following Edward Snowden’s leaks to the Press. As Pluto carries on to oppose the USA’s radix Sun, we can expect more of the same to come during the next 18 months. The question remains as to what the superpower will do to save its skin. Will it simply crumble under an unprecedented and mind boggling level of debt or will it use its formidable military apparatus to wage a large scale or possibly a world war?



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